“I Could Never Live There!”


Matt shot this outside our office building. The city drainage system isn’t the best, and water frequently backs up into the road. Sometimes it gets pretty deep…

Some people look at this video and are like, “Oh man, I could never live there!” And I understand that attitude. But, just like eating food with ants in it… once you’re in the situation, and everyone else deals with it, it’s not really the same. Like rotating power cuts. The power goes off regularly here. In America, that would be an unforgivable disaster. But here, houses and lives are built around not having power for at least a few hours every day. Stoves run on gas, solar-powered flashlights hang around, desktops are attached to batteries, and good offices have generators. Life goes on.

So, if you’re afraid to visit a third-world country, think again. Most of the world lives in these conditions, and they don’t die from the dirt or inconvenience. It’s a way of life. You get used to it really fast, when you’re immersed in it. Take courage my friend! You’ll be stretched and find you can survive a lot more than you thought you could.


2 thoughts on ““I Could Never Live There!”

  1. I traveled a lot before I settled down and had children…I have seen everything from simplicity to extravagant and I must say that the poorest of poor still greeted me with a smile on their face and never for a moment seemed at all upset with their situation. I believe it’s easier to live without something that you have never had then it is to lose something you have gotten used to.


    1. It’s true. Not to belittle the situation of the poor. There’s some circumstances that are extremely sad, especially when it’s a cycle of poverty and hunger that makes the slightest hardship bring pain and death. But humans can endure more than they think, especially more than we think in the West. 😉

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