Every Woman Needs a Man?

“Look at Snow White, she needed a man to tell her to Google the old lady and see if she was giving her a poison apple. That’s why we’re here, to protect our princesses and remind them to Google old ladies giving them apples, to make sure it’s not a scam that’s going around the kingdom.”

IWe Can Do It posted this quote on my status the other day. My husband sometimes likes to tease me by being sexist. I thought this one was hilarious (juxtaposition of a fairy tale using Google, so sexist because Snow White was kind of an airhead, etc).

One of my friends took it seriously, and her comment made me do a double-take.

Some people actually think this way! Some men think that all girls need a strong male figure in their lives at all time, lest they stray from the straight path.

This attitude makes me feel less important than my male peers. It makes me feel unnecessary in the circle of life. And this is where the feminist movement started. Women feel the need to assert their independence when they feel taken for granted; when their men make them feel replaceable at any moment. We women hate feeling like servants who could be replaced by anything that can cook, clean, and care for kids. Especially in comparison to men, whose jobs seem so much more important than housework.

A breadwinner’s job is just as important as a housewife’s, though. It sounds trite, but it’s true. And deep in their hearts, most men know this. One man I know feels the need to assert his dominance simply because, deep inside, he feels like his wife’s work in raising the future generation is much more worthwhile than his repetitive work for his company. And my husband, as confident and encouraging as he is, loves it when I show him I need him for things. And even though I am confident in who I am, I love it when he shows me how much he needs me.

Bottom line: It’s okay to need your significant other. Remember to let them know how much you appreciate what they do. If this is hard, try switching jobs with them. It will help you realize all they do!

In reality, nobody needs another human being. But every one of us wants to be needed.


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