Scary Movies are Sad

Scary movies make me sad. Am I the only one who feels this way? I feel sorry that someone went through so much pain that they had to haunt someone for the rest of eternity. I feel sad that a tortured spirit found no redemption and just turned around and tortured someone else. 

The most satisfying ghost story I’ve heard was the ghost of Canterbury, where the tortured spirit finds peace and rest in the end. I think this kind of resolution is instinctively attractive in human storytelling. 

Maybe I just don’t get scary movies. Maybe I’ve made up my own monsters for so long that movie-made ones aren’t that intimidating. Maybe love really does win over fear. 

What do you think, oh wise reader and creator of public opinion? Are scary movies sad? 


3 thoughts on “Scary Movies are Sad

    1. Yeah, honestly, I don’t really like it either. My husband likes to see classic ones for research purposes, because the movie we will eventually make is an M. Night Shyamalan type film, half horror, but not really. So the ones we’ve seen together (other than Shyamalan’s classics) many times just strike me as sad. Like Psycho. Thanks for the comment!


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