We Were Illegals for 2 Days in India…

So you’re not supposed to be able to pay your Nepali visa with Nepali or Indian money (one of the weirdest rules I’ve seen, but I think it has to do with counterfeiting), you have to pay with US dollars. But we were running around a lot before we went and forgot until it was too late. However, last time around I saw a guy pay with Indian rupees. So we came into Nepali immigration to get our visas at like 10 PM and the agent demanded dollars or twice the amount we were supposed to pay if we wanted to pay in rupees.

So we went back to India for the night and found dollars the next day, just because we don’t like paying corruption if we can help it.

The morning after, we approached Nepal again, only to find there was a problem because we hadn’t been “stamped back in” to India and had technically stayed illegally.

So we went back and forth from Indian immigration to Nepal border office, each giving messages and possible solutions. Finally, one guy in Indian immigration told us we could ask the Nepal agent to date our visa for the same day we got stamped out of India. They still do it all by hand, ha ha, so theoretically it was possible. It was either that or travel illegally to Calcutta and pay a fine… So we prayed the whole time and went to Nepal border again.

They tsked at us for awhile, asked for 2000 rupees, and did it for us!!! Phew!!!

So we made it to Nepal. Hoping that little slip-up won’t cause a huge problem in the future.


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