Book Marketing Ideas and Pushing Down Panic

We’re expecting the finished books to be delivered within a couple of weeks. As we started discussing the size of the shipment, panic began rising in my throat. What am I doing? I can’t sell that many books! It’s not good enough!!

For most authors and artists, marketing is the bane of their world. But as I’ve slowly gotten some ideas and feel like I have a grasp on what I’m supposed to do, the panicky feeling has subsided. It’s a decent book, especially for a first attempt. I’m always very critical of my own work, so I know it’s acceptable if I think it is. (And I’ve gotten confirmation of that from several more objective sources).

But the other day I started reading my proof pages aloud and was surprised NOT to feel the disgust of disapproval coming over my heart and mind. I’ve written and read these words a hundred times. I’ve refined them, if not to divine perfection, to a decent shine.

So I’m slowly coming up with unique ways people who are interested can find my book. And I’ve come up with a few.

  1. We’re currently working closely with several orphanages and children’s homes, which are so unique in how they run that they have gained a very wide worldwide audience. In connection with this organization, I may be able to do a campaign to donate a few dollars from every book sold to their emergency care fund. That would give back to them, while also opening up an audience of parents and Christians via their FaceBook page, people who would specifically be interested in The Artist!
  2. Guest blogging on parenting blogs. I’m hoping to do some guest blogs on some parenting blogs soon. If you have a favorite, let me know! I can’t claim to be an expert, but through one way or another, it’s easy for me to understand why kids are doing stuff and what they’re going through (especially since childhood wasn’t that long ago).
  3. Personal connections and contacts. I’ve found people really receptive when you take the time to contact them personally. The book I’m reading, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher (highly recommended, by the way) expounds on the importance of finding key influencers in your genre and asking them what they think. Their recommendation and network are much more effective than any mass advertising you can do (Malcom Gladwell also expounds on this idea in The Tipping Point (?) It was one of his books). That does, however, take for granted that you have a stimulating idea/platform and/or a good book (also a very effective promotional strategy, ha ha).

I’m still developing other ideas, obviously. We’re also planning on networking with as many churches as we can. But, the point is: marketing your own book is doable. Even in an ad-saturated society. Think about it. With all the books that are written, people still hunger for good ones. And sometimes good ones go unnoticed because readers never find them in the places they’re looking. So think of where you go to find a good book, figure out where your PARTICULAR audience will go to find YOUR book, and just have your book there. It’s harder than that, but the idea is simple.

But this is just my story, go make your own!


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