Tired of Meaningless Phone Games? Try This One

Genesis-Start-ScreenDANA POINT, CA – Matt Hass, a professional programmer, is raising money to finish off a mobile RPG based in Biblical post-flood earth. Genesis! is a Minecraft-style, open-world, first-person RPG that boasts features that rival any popular secular game, including the ability to build your own house any way you want, anywhere you want, and in a realistic setting.

Hass, the head programmer, says he’s “done his time,” working and developing mindless games, and has found his passion in combining his two loves: quality games and God. While developing professionally, he noticed that many games lacked creativity. Many were re-skinned versions of each other, simply created to make money. They lacked the passion and inspiration that goes into a good, unique game. Even in the Christian realm, most games lacked the funds or creativity to actually create a quality product. Hass aims to make a creative, revolutionary game that anyone, Christian or not, can become addicted to.

Set in post-Flood earth, Genesis! players will be able to witness events like the Tower of Babel, meet Biblical figures like Abraham, build on the ruins of Sodom, gather clay from the banks of the Nile, and learn all about what life was like in a time few of us understand now.

Oh, but watch out! A key aspect of this game is the “sin meter.” Players will have the ability to steal or cheat, but at the expense of their sin meter. If, after being warned, a player continues to break laws, their sin meter will go up, bringing on plagues, bad weather, bandits, and, if they don’t take care of it, death. Just like in the OT, players will sacrifice animals to make up for wrong-doing. This will help show why we needed Jesus as our Savior.

“As a kid, I loved playing videogames, and I wanted to make one that I would have loved to play, but that also has real value, that isn’t a waste of time,” says Hass. To support this effort, you can head over to their Kickstarter campaign and help by funding or sharing!

Genesis-Characters Genesis_Mockup3 Genesis-Map_Final_Final


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