Natural Ways to Relieve a Sore Throat

When I was a kid, my parents avoided medicine. So I’ve used  a lot of different natural methods to treat symptoms of colds. So, while finishing up my flu, which I got while traveling (hence, no postings, ha ha), I’m going to list my top natural ways to treat a sore throat.

  1. Pickled garlic. I’ve done farm work in blazing weather all day only eating pickled garlic every hour or so. Garlic is super good for you and for some reason it relieves my sore throats more than anything.
  2. Pickles. I think it might be the vinegar, but pickles are also really good.
  3. Oranges. It must be the citrus aspect, but oranges are also packed with vitamin C, which gives your immune system a huge boost.
  4. Speaking of Vitamin C, Emergen-C has saved my life. You just take a few packets and put it in your water, the stronger the better, and drink it cold or hot.
  5. Bell Peppers. High in Vitamin C, bell peppers are juicy and help conquer your sore throat.
  6. Water and lemon. Sometimes straight water can be too painful, but clear liquids are essential when you have the flu. You can’t get better without them.
What NOT to eat

When I’m sick, I don’t eat much that’s not on this list. It’s a myth that you need to keep eating when you’re sick. If you don’t feel like eating or something you’re eating is making your throat hurt more, STOP! Your body knows what it’s doing. And most of the time, your body needs its energy to fight off the sickness, not work on digesting something it doesn’t need. My dad once fasted for 2 weeks and kept working most of the time while he was dreadfully sick. But he kept going using these foods and not eating.

America is obsessed with eating regularly, but it can actually be more of a setback than an advantage in many instances.

What’s your favorite way to relieve a sore throat? Comment below!


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