Simplify: Cleaning out your Closet

I’ve spent the past 2 years carrying my possessions on my back. I now have a massive collection of 3 pairs of shoes and my clothes might be able to fill up a school backpack! (gasp) Now, as Matt and I prep for the next leg of our life, we’ve been accidentally inspiring people to get rid of things and simplify. I’ve done this so much, deciding what to keep and get rid of, so here are my tips for cleaning out your closet.

1. For 2 weeks, put the clothes you wear in one side of the closet (or the clothes hamper). The clothes that are left in the closet/drawers are clothes you don’t wear very often. Some things are seasonal, but look at your jackets/coats. Pick one or two you can wear with everything and get rid of the rest.

2. When buying new stuff, be really picky. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this go with most of my wardrobe?
  • When would I wear this?
  • Is this comfortable enough to walk 2 miles in?
  • Would I wear this for 4 days in a row?

3. “Nice” clothes. How often do you wear nice clothes? I have one “nice” outfit, because I’ll only wear it to weddings or uppidy churches (of which there is an increasingly low number). I’m living proof you can have one dressy outfit and survive. HOWEVER, I know some of you have to wear nice/formal clothes on a regular basis (for work, etc.). So here’s what I do: How many times per week do you have to wear a business/formal/”nice” outfit? That’s how many outfits you should have. Formal shoes should be half that number, at least. Unless you’re a fashion model, people don’t usually notice what you’re wearing, honestly. I also like to leave room for one special outfit that just makes you feel cute, a “date” outfit, so to speak. That’s my church/”nice” outfit.

So how did you do? How do you simplify? What’s your criteria for keeping clothes?


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