To My Lost and Wounded 

Tell me where it hurts. All of us bleed sometimes. 

We’ve all struggled for love. Lost in the swirling haze. Darkness and secrets, smoke among tears. Perfect in the sunshine, never showing what you do at night. The darkness of your mind. The shame in desire. 

Put on your perfect face. No one else seems to hurt. Or doubt. Or struggle against overwhelming force. 

Cry in your pillow. Secretly you wish that someone would hear your muffled sobs. 

But God writes pain on your face. What are other people for, if not to help you through the mud. Lift you when you fall down. Two is better than one, He said, because when one falls down, his friend can help him up. 

I see your pain. I understand your shame. Come cry in my arms, wipe away your guilt in forgiveness. Come into the light, dance in sunshine again. 


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