Review for “The Artist and the Clay”

This almost made me cry. One of my friends shared “The Artist” with her daycare students, ages 5-9, and asked them what they thought. “Awesomest book ever!” “Total epicness” “She is one of the bestest writers ever!” “I liked her … Continue reading Review for “The Artist and the Clay”

A Really Classy Lady

I was intimidated at first. She was one of the wealthiest women I’d ever met, had been crowned “Miss State,” and was my boyfriend’s boss. But from the first moment she extended her hand, I knew why. She had a talent for being interested. She wanted to know all about me, what I was doing, my life, etc. She made me feel like something special. I was surprised, flattered, and put to my ease very quickly. She never boasted about herself. Maybe she was so confident in who she was, she just didn’t feel the need to share it. But … Continue reading A Really Classy Lady