Little Drops

Sometimes I feel so small. Like nothing we could ever do could make any difference. Like we’re just a tiny little drop trying to change the color of the ocean. And even if we make the biggest splash possible for a little drop, not much actually changes. But my heart was lifted today. We met a bunch of other little drops the same color as us, all marching along valiantly. We’re not alone. And even if we only change the color of a handful of drops, those drops will go out and keep up the fight, even after the original … Continue reading Little Drops

Child Beggars (Mindless Charity Hurts)

Child beggars are tough. There is no real welfare system in India. The government isn’t the smoothest operator and frankly, there is still enough prejudice and not enough compassion. These kids tug at you and put out their little hands. Sometimes they’re gaunt and have blank-looking eyes. Sometimes they just look like normal kids in rags running around. Whatever they look like, those young eyes and little hands tug and guilt you so it’s almost impossible to pass them by. But sometimes, as hard as it is, giving these kids money isn’t always the best thing for them. Families with children oftentimes know … Continue reading Child Beggars (Mindless Charity Hurts)

Mindless Charity, I

It was Diwali. The landlord’s wife proudly told me that they were going down into the slum to give sweets to the poor people so they could celebrate, too. Once or twice a year they share their bounty with their neighbors. Historically Christians have a reputation for giving. The vast majority of hospitals, schools, and orphanages have been built by Christians, who gave their time and money to make life better for strangers. But as our society has become more self-centered, giving falls away, even among Christians. People start to wonder why they give. If it’s to ease their guilty conscience … Continue reading Mindless Charity, I