Return (“Nocturne” (by Celtic Women) Parody)

I LOVE the mystery and heavenly quality of this song. It sounds like an angel’s song. But the real words are a little nonsensical and fluffy. So here’s my parody. I really want to sing this song, but my voice isn’t quite strong enough to do it justice. One day… Now let the grey Just slip and fade so the light it may wash over you Once young, you grew in silent truth and it embraces your heart and your soul don’t turn you may cry even sigh you will even wonder why He’ll always see always be One you loved … Continue reading Return (“Nocturne” (by Celtic Women) Parody)

When I’m Gone (Heaven Parody)

I love this song! But I also like putting my own words to songs, so they have more meaning for me. Life is easier with others. When someone falls down, the other can pick him up. God made other people for a reason. Our journey down the narrow road becomes a lot easier when we have people around us to smack us when we’re being dumb. I’ve got my ticket for the long way ’round that road, the narrowest of ways And I sure would like some sweet company Leavin’ tomorrow, won’t you come? [2x] When I’m gone, when I’m gone … Continue reading When I’m Gone (Heaven Parody)