Feedback for “The Artist”

So one of my old friends recently bought a book (Yaayyyy!!) and emailed me the other day with this: “We have been really enjoying reading it at bedtime and any other time momma’s hands are dry!  I love the art and the note to your readers at the end especially,  it made us feel like you, as the author, actually cared and you weren’t just some distant random person out to make a buck! God bless you on your adventures.” Thanks so much, Gwyn!! Advertisements Continue reading Feedback for “The Artist”

How to Format and Publish a Children’s Picture Book for Kindle

Pay someone to do it, or follow these steps: Note: I’m assuming you already have the print version of the book in InDesign, or at least PDF or JPEG. I’m also assuming you have basic web navigation/filling out blanks skills. 1) Download the Kindle Kid’s Book Creator from this page. That’s right, it’s not the normal Kindle book creator. I spent hours trying to make the normal Kindle book creator work, and it’s just not meant for children’s books. I’m a blonde, I should have figured they wouldn’t make it THAT hard. But they don’t make this fact very obvious … Continue reading How to Format and Publish a Children’s Picture Book for Kindle

Why Most Self Published Books Suck

Self published books suck. The majority of them are a waste of a good tree. Lately I’ve been editing books for a vanity publisher, and only one has been any good. But I’m self publishing. Why? Because I am persuaded that it’s a good way to go for someone who is able to learn new things and has the resources and time to take on the massive marketing and learning it takes to do everything yourself. So why are so many self-published books so bad? Criticism. The biggest problem with self-publishing is the lack of critics that stand in someone’s way … Continue reading Why Most Self Published Books Suck

What is it About? The Artist and “Pitching” to random strangers

The Artist is a children’s picture book about a young clay figure who decides he doesn’t like how the Artist is forming him. It reminds us that God creates each of us uniquely and we can trust Him. Then the … Continue reading What is it About? The Artist and “Pitching” to random strangers

A New Book is being Born

I feel like I’m giving birth to a child… I’ve finalized my files for the publisher and handed them off today. Monday, Lord-willing, we will be going to press with my VERY FIRST PICTURE BOOK. I’m super excited and terrified at the same time. Will he books sell? Did I make all the words right? What about that extra hue of brown I used in the author picture? Anyway… I find myself letting the file go to the desk with one last look over, even though I can’t read it objectively anymore, I’ve read it so often… *excited, nervous, excited nervous dance* The book is called … Continue reading A New Book is being Born