What is Love?

Blog post in video format!! First try!!! 😀

What is love? It took me awhile to figure this out. But, with the help of Jesus and my husband, I think I know. We were headed to Goa and I was thinking about it, because of a lot of misconceptions people have about love. So I started writing. And then I asked my husband if he could help me shoot some footage for a possible video. And we did. 🙂 This is our first real attempt at this, but looking forward to doing more.


Sexy vs. Attractive

Attractive doesn’t equal sexy, as society tries to tell us. You don’t have to dress in revealing clothes or skin-tight tops or have a model’s body to be pretty. A welcoming smile on a plump, happily clothed girl is much more attractive than a cold, bitter Barbie in a bikini.