Learning Publishing

When I was 15, I pored through the library, reading every book I found about pitching, query letters, and getting published in general. And, as a naive young girl, instead of capitalizing on my youth, I did my best to hide it. Consequently, I learned a lot about marketing, gained a stack of rejection letters, and met some cool people.

So now, I’ve been developing a story idea and doing the artwork for a few years. I feel that I have a very marketable idea. But I wanted to do the publishing independently instead of the traditional publishing. I did a lot of research. In the end, it’s slightly a toss-up, but since my husband and I are willing to do a lot of the work ourselves, have experience in unique marketing, and our jobs allow it, we decided to do it ourselves. The idea of controlling the earnings was also appealing.

It’s also part of the experiment. I’ve worked for a small publishing house, done manuscript editing, and have tried to get things published. This is the logical next step for someone who is independent, been researching the market, and willing to learn.

The first step was what people normally think of when they think of publishing a book. I went through hundreds of revisions on the story, then put it together with the artwork (since it’s a children’s picture book), then went through another dozen rounds of layout design. This is my cookies and cream because I’m a very visual, artistic designer. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do this yourself unless you have some experience or are willing and able to take days to do it.

I got quotes from a dozen different printers, both on demand and offset printing. I found a printer in India, a friend of a friend, who was ready to do it for well below what I could get in the USA. So we interviewed him, got examples of his work, figured out pages, and were there for the first printing of the pages.

I raised the money for the printing via crowdfunding and gained a lot of support and encouragement. Since the cost was lower than what we could have gotten in the USA, it wasn’t as scary. Most of my fundraising was done personally. I emailed and messaged people I thought might be interested in the idea. The crowdfunding portal was just a way to collect the funds. I only got a few strangers’ support. I went against my better instinct and didn’t use Kickstarter, so we might try that next time instead. It might work better.

Posts on Self Publishing

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