“Awesomest book ever!” “Total epicness” “She is one of the bestest writers ever!” “I liked her letter to us at the end.” “It has already become a favorite for them and we tied it to the scripture too.” –Diana Herzog and the God’s Giants class of All God’s Children Childcare, ages 5-9

“I love your book! I read it three times the night you have it to me and tears welled up in my eyes each time I read the part where the Artist tells the clay that the stained glass window was first just broken glass, but after it was found he was so happy to live that he let the Artist do whatever He wanted with it. That was me. After my baptism, I was so happy just to be alive! So I cried out loud to God and said those exact words! “My rest of my life is Yours! Do what You wish!” And now look, I’m here in India! And this is only the beginning…” –Michal-Marie W.

“What I saw instantly in your book is a message of hope for a desperate generation whose struggle with personal identity, purpose and meaning in life and self image is reaching epidemic proportions. I’m not sure how you would describe your message and audience that you intended when you wrote the book, but I instantly thought of all the young people, and not so young people, who do not know their Creator who is crafting each life in a loving, intentional and meaningful way. It struck me that way as a simple and clear exposing of the TRUTH about our relationship with a loving God.” A.W. Roy, international ministry collaborator

“Well packaged and well written. Great images and easy to read. Very nice.” –Tai Ikomi, Author of over 40 books, including His Beauty for My Ashes

“So beautiful! I want to see the “end” so badly, but I love the picture it paints for children to just wait to see what God is making out of them.” –Rebecca W., Mom

I am excited to be able to share this book with my preschool class and my future grandchildren. God bless you richly. -Diana H, Preschool teacher

I loved your book project, I loved reading the beginning storyline and I was honestly moved – like goosepimples – when I read about it. I cannot wait for the book to come out. GOOD JOB Mercy. -Denise R, financial supporter

I was so moved by your video (saw it on faithlauncher), so glad you were funded. I was so touched by your honesty and I LOVE your book concept. I’m praying for you girl. -Nicole A, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker (www.iradivad.com)

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